One day , stone island tshirt life for each of us will fade flashy appearance, something only the most essential and core, such as death, aging, disillusioned , health, loneliness and love. Which tube hoodwink you once , Empress Dowager , or the usual commonplace , beautiful or gorgeous silence Enron .
With lonely everyone is coming , With lonely leave.

" Death is approaching ," I knew this would be one of my favorite movies. If I am not mistaken , it is about a man too old to old people , quietly waiting for the story of death. If I am not mistaken , it should be silent , slow. If I am not mistaken , it is not too complicated plot to please the superficial perception of the audience. If I am not mistaken , there should be some live on the " life" of bright and beautiful things inside. If I am not mistaken , it will have some beautiful , swaying , nostalgic lighting segments.

I sat down , I have been opening a few minutes. Black and white picture . The silence of the old house. The old lady sat in front of a man drinking . Small cup , her mouthful slowly drink, take a ride with one in front of her only creatures - a dog 's Speech Fira said . Sure enough, as I guess so .

You know how much she old? Silver-haired , craggy face, the hand tremble end wine , dry, thin , around the age spots. " The silver-haired sad snow ." I know that if I come to think that compassion instead . Then I lost a level . Moreover , who who the mercy of it, you and me, and him, we will have that old day.

Old , old dog , wine, availability , single homes . All of her life in this empty house it. Including memories, partners, relatives, property. Life is so , previously in Canada , and later just blindly cut . Walked, many, many things are cleared up , leaving only these . Who would not anyone else more.

This relatively closed little world , a window is completely separated from her independent life. An overbearing wealthy , a children's music club. They do not intersect . The old lady for her two groups of neighbors , often playing the role of spectator . Sometimes the woman will pick up her binoculars , silently watching these two unique neighbors. Cursing , or a smile of joy .

Single from the film , this is an extremely intelligent and wise old lady. Has valuable intellectual temperament and noble character. Not kindly , amiable , but no lack of transparent and humor between words. For example, she handed the dog familiar wine Fira drink , said: "This is the reason we come together ." For example, her conversation with the boy Tuo Dostoevsky 's .

Pascal said: "We are due to the stone island tshirt interaction and the formation of a mental and emotional , but also because of our association and ruin the spirit and emotion ." This sentence is great. People never lonely way . But happiness is inseparable from the people to share and collisions. Who can bring value in a certified environment, loneliness will be less. In this sense , the old lady is very lonely , and loneliness.

Gotta have something to make an exit, make a person get lonely moderate , mild salvation. The first half of the old lady 's heart filled with solitude and loneliness . This powerful but not desperate loneliness . Has been lost on the good memories of elegance companion, enjoy it even with peaceful means . But she always still want to wait for the family to compensate for the death of exports brought powerful nothingness.

Only this time the old lady who is a dog listening . I think the dog is metaphorical . The dog belongs to " aphasia " dog if there independent thinking, thinking, maybe it is another thing that can not communicate . Dogs loyal, docile characteristics soothing solitude. And it is precisely the lack of thought and language achievement dog dog soothing solitude possible. Of course, if this sense , how much is desperate .

The son and granddaughter as the representative of the non- communicative family camp Pascal is more sad proof of that sentence . Especially granddaughter. Contrast the little girl and the old lady is very exciting. Seven years girl guilty of at least three bars , gluttonous , greedy , angry. The little actor in gluttonous when obesity askew look stupid , very vivid . Of course, such analysis a little vicious , people , after all, a child. But these did not eliminate concerns about the audience know that eating and obtainable only girl in life, I think a lot of the audience will like it , I think , rather than doing so in addition to other youth are hopelessly juvenile girl , she might as well have done noble and serene soul dying grandmother yet. The old lady 's heart is too afraid to think long : expect this little girl might as well expect the dog yet.

The old lady was most concerned about family life . This is also the only son to the old lady caused the heaviest blow. Son carrying a woman trying to sell the old lady as a treasure house of the rich has long coveted . Between speech and his mother a lot of love rejected . By his own earthly cares about most people detest , which is enough to give anyone a sense of deep sorrow caused by disillusionment , not to mention the people, or your body is affected in her earnest care for decades son? Under no wonder that the old lady is putting desperate to move suicidal thinking .

"At that time I saw you , leaves stone island tshirt lingering , facing the cold, the birds are singing , you see dusk, sunset faded , little by little , is the night away, death is another self, deep trough , which you will understand, your love will be stronger , more profound, but long forgotten . "
I remember coming in the day ahead of twilight , slowly flowing drapery , bed going to put myself to death , as deep as sad and quiet.

But finally, in the end is tough to overcome raw raw disillusionment . Withstand far more than the most fatal blow lady . Is not no one's life does not go in disillusionment and tough game and struggling it . Each had to give up, life will be bleak, each has insisted that life will regain the light. There is nothing more powerful than raw themselves more worthy things to uphold and applaud it .

The old lady finally came to understand this truth, she leaped from the bed . With the power of recovery after , with still haunting loneliness. The last period of life's neat .

See the movie halfway .
One old lady quivering to get their own food , a cup of tea , carrying them upstairs. Occasionally open the windows , pick up the binoculars to see across the children's music club kids singing and dancing.
I'm smiling. See very enjoyment.
He caught my hand in the dark , ask me, you is not want to live this kind of life .
I laughed .
He asked with his eyes .
How about you .
He says.
I really like inside the big house .

Yes, I would like to live such a life . To many books . Some wine. May need a dog , maybe not. People do not need to be a computer. Have a network. Can be old , it is old , but not old enough to become the world , loved ones and his own burden.

So quietly .

This proud old lady did a quick end when beautiful thing. She refused to call her son. Is rejected, not scolding , if the heart is dead, but also the language of this knife , like what's the use of it . Then trembling ran the children's music club , his own house free to donate to them, of course , also left a pile of jewelry for the renovation of houses. Smart people do good things are usually done first , you see the house she did not say a gift , and even gave money to stay well decorated .

Video here, because they stone island tshirt are lonely and abandoned by loved ones , the old lady's hand broke through the blood ethical behavior , to really choose forward , How transparent and chic ?

It all seems very successful , maybe you want to finish at the time. That naughty little boys straight up tea downstairs , then happily drink was served to the old lady . This by a young life full of hope and the future were holding a cup of tea , so hot. This is reminiscent of just-field when the woman is forced to end each day with a breakfast cup of tea upstairs , back and forth all trembling cold.

Hot tea is still hot, as small boys teenager elegance.
Irrelevant to the young man , cheap stone island tshirt with a strange and intimate love and warmth , across an unopened door , in the end still saw the old lady's life goes by .
The little guy at the door crying.

I also sigh .
To end. Finish it.
The old lady 's life and the film.
The screen is still bright .

Truffaut said:
"We 're in the dark cheap stone island tshirt among the audience , everything flows occurring on the screen brilliance ."

Then . Crowd commotion. Screen dark out . Theater lights lit.

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